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We listen. Our goal is to produce the very best sail for you. As your sailmaker, we share in your passion for racing and your desire to be successful. We will do our very best to provide you with the sails, service and support you need to achieve your goals.

SailPack Design SoftwareDesign – All VSP sails are designed using SailPack sail design software. This is the most advanced sail design software in the world and it allows us to view the sail in 3D, incorporate super smooth vertical seam shaping and orient the load bearing fibers of each sail panel individually – creating high performance sail that retains it’s designed shape longer.

Materials– We can choose the very best materials for your project. We are an independent sailmaker, so we can choose from any cloth supplier in the world. We are not obligated to use any specific manufacturers products or materials: we choose the best material available for the job. Because of this we are able to offer Membrane, Membrane Multi-Panel and other Load Path sail options as well as the best fabric option for YOUR sails.

Cutting– All of our sail panels are cut right here in Winooski. Our Carlson Design plotter/cutter uses a high resolution cutting head, shaping the fabric with great precision. This ensures the design shape is accurately transferred to the actual material.

Construction– There is no substitute for experience. We have developed proven techniques over years of building custom sails. We are continuously testing new processes and techniques to add value to every sail we make. We also build innovative new products such as Membrane andFleX sails.

R&D– As part of our dedication to providing you with the finest sails available, we are constantly test new products and new techniques. We use the Ultra-Bond stitch free seaming process on upwind sails. We build stitch free downwind sails. Over the years, we have built sails from a wide variety of innovative sail materials like Technora. Kevlar, Pentex, AirX, PBO, and Carbon Fiber.

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