VSP Covers and accessories

J24 Cover - Port side viewOne-Design Boat Covers – We build covers for some One-Design classes. All our covers are built using the rugged 100% Polyester “Top Gun” Cover fabric unless otherwise noted. Click on your class below:

If you are looking for a cover for another type of one-design boat, we may be able to find one for you or work with you to design one for your boat.

Sail Covers – We build mainsail covers for all types of boats. Our sail covers are built using Sunbrella Acrylic Canvas in a wide variety of colors. Please contact us for color and style availability.

“Boot” style sail cover – The traditional style of sail cover that goes around your mast. If you have luff slides on your mainsail, this is the cover for you. Pricing is $28 per foot of “E.”

For the best fit cover for your mainsail, please take the measurements shown on our Boot cover measurement form and send it to us.

“Tube” style sail cover – The cover used on most racing boats where the sail has a bolt rope luff and the sail is stored rolled on the boom. Pricing is $18 per foot of “E.”

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