Rebel Sails

We’ve been the leader in Rebel Sails for years.  Our designs (As both Vermont Sailing Partners and Shore Sails Vermont) have won more Rebel Nationals over the past 15 years than all other sailmakers combined!  We’ve changed our name, but not our race winning sail designs!

Bill Fastiggi has worked closely with former Rebel class builder and many time national champion, Dave Nickels, to develop fast Rebel sails that are easy to trim. The Rebel sails must perform over a wide variety of conditions both upwind and downwind. The sail plan is similar to that of the Thistle, with a large, low-aspect mainsail and a tight sheeting, overlapping jib.

The absence of a spinnaker creates the need for a mainsail shape that can be adjusted for a powerful downwind shape as well as flattened for upwind performance. The main is flattened with outhaul, sheet and vang tension. The large roach is carried as high as possible within the class rules to provide for maximum sail area aloft.

The jib is easily adjusted upwind with jib sheet tension. Downwind, the whisker pole projects the maximum jib sail area. The length of the whisker pole must be at least 92″ long.

The key to the success of VSP sails in the Rebel class is the ease of trimming the sails and the ability of the sails to perform well over an entire range of wind conditions. 

Rebel Mainsail – A powerful design with maximum area and perfect twist. This main is fully adjustable to match the conditions and sets up smoothly over the entire wind range.  The mainsail includes Vision window, a shelf foot, sail numbers and Rebel insignia in your choice of color and a tube bag.  $985.

Rebel Jib – This truly all-purpose design is easy to trim and performs well over the entire range of conditions.  Includes vision window and tube bag.  $515

We strongly support the RCA and all of our rebel sail require an RCA sail royalty of $10 per sail.

Ordering Information:
Please contact us with your name, phone and email and shipping information, along with your sail number and choice of number and insignia color (options: red, blue, black, green).  We accept Visa/MC, and checks for payment.

How to reach us

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