J-24 Sails

We are YOUR Sailing partners. Our sails are fast, easy to trim, well built and durable.  Our sails are built right here in Vermont using the best combination of modern materials and techniques and old New England craftsmanship.

We are J-24 sailors and understand what makes a successful J-24 program work.  In addition to fast sails, our attention to detail and personal service is what sets us apart.  All our sails are “race ready” no “add ons” needed!

Mainsail – Built out of Contender’s rugged 6.52 Polykote, the main is designed for a straight mast set up to give you the maximum possible projected sail area.  The sail features radial patches, composite headboard, vision and spreader windows, cunningham, draft stripes, battens and a tube bag.  $1675

Genoa – We’ve developed a Crosscut genoa using Dimensions Flex Pentex fabric.  The seams are sealed with an Ultrabond stitchless seam for the smoothest sail available.  The Flex fabric is more expensive but is more efficient to build so your dollar goes toward better fabric, not fabric waste.  Our three tiered vision window offer exceptional visibility at any angle of heel, and the sail includes draft stripes, multiple tell-tales, a telltale window, Velcro leech and foot line cleats and covers, a cunningham, skirting grommet, and starboard side hanks so the spinnaker catches less on hoists.  Our genoa bag even opens at both ends! – $1445

Genoa – new for 2009! – Aramid – Flex fabric meets new class rules – Kevlar  $1800

Genoa – D4 Multi Panel – Aramid – the ultimate for J-24 performance  $2100

Jib We offer two designs, a radial or a crosscut.  The radial jib is – $1380, and the cross cut is $1095.  The crosscut fabric is firmer and holds it’s shape well for a few events, it is less expensive so you have fewer dollars tied up in a little used sail.  Both sails include draft-stripes, vision windows and a telltale window.  We also offer a cross-cut “Pan Am” jib as well.  You can make the little jib even more durable by upgrading to a heavier fabric for an additional $75.

Radial Spinnaker – This running shape uses Bainbridge AirX 650 so it is right at class minimum weight yet it is extremely rugged.  Our stitchless seam construction makes for an incredibly smooth and durable sail  – $1675.  For a spinnaker fabric that is a little more forgiving, the Formulon 70 spinnaker has a little softer finish.

J24 sail royalties $30 per sail are required but not included in these prices

Extras – 
Mainsail cover $175
extra Batten set $38

Other J-24 accessories:
Full line of covers “The best Spinnaker Launching bag ever”

Give us a Call!  802-655-SAIL or email Bill Fastiggi

Results – 
2008 North Americans 4th
2008 Womens International Championship 1st
2008 District 1 Champs 1st
2008 US Nationals 8th
2010 District 1 Champs 1st
2011 District 1 Champs 1st

How to reach us

Via mail:
Vermont Sailing Partners
150 West Canal Street
Winooski, VT 05404

Via phone:
(802) 655-7245
(802) 655-SAIL

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