Cruising Spinnakers

Cruising Spinnakers

We design our cruising asymmetrical spinnakers to be incredibly easy to fly.  Whether you choose to “set it and forget it” or actively trim you cruising spinnaker, our VSP designs will be easy to trim.  Tacked to the bow, with an ATN spinnaker sleeve, this sail is easy to handle and fun to use. 

Our Triradial Cruising Asymmetrical spinnakers are built with the best fabric for your needs with durability in mind.  Contact us for a quote and the exact panel layout diagram for your boat.  

For sailors with a smaller boat on a tighter budget, we also offer a radial head version of this sail.  It offers the same flying shape, but it is not as strong, so we only recommend it for lighter load applications.  Call us for more information about a cruising spinnaker for your boat!

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