Buccaneer Sails

We were really pleased that VSP could be a small part of the 2005 BNAC at the Malletts Bay Boat Club, and would like to thank all who attended our seminar!

We’re proud to be able to offer Buccaneer sailors another option for fast Buccaneer racing sails.  Our Buccaneer sails are designed with speed and durability in mind.

Mainsail – The VSP Buccaneer Main – is designed to be flat down low to reduce backwind and keep the slot open, but fuller up high for more power in the top of the sail.  The fabric we use is a firm HTP racing finish 4.2 oz Dacron.  It is built to all class rules and features the buccaneer insignia, sail numbers, a vision window, a shelf foot, battens, and a tube bag.  $825

Jib – The VSP Buccaneer Jib – is designed with a draft forward shape with a straight exit.  We build the sail out of the same 4.2 oz HTP racing finish Dacron that is used in our mainsail.  We feel that the Dacron fabric offers both better durability and better shape holding ability that the Mylar sails that we’ve seen from other sailmakers.  The jib is set up with a wire luff for racing.  If you have the tube luff, we’d recommend that you convert to the wire luff.  It also includes a vision window and a tube bag.  $495

Spinnaker – We offer three different spinnakers; a Triradial Nylon, a Cross-Cut Nylon, and a Cross-Cut Dynalite.  All three sails are designed with windward/leeward courses in mind; they have a flatter middle to allow the spinnaker to project out on the edges.  The Dynalite spinnaker is our recommendation for most Buccaneer sailors as it is a silicone coated fabric that slides in and out of the bow launcher more easily and repels water.  It is also a 3/4 fabric and meets the Buccaneer class rules.  Spinnakers include a takedown patch and sail bag.
Triradial Spinnaker – 3/4 oz. nylon $850
Crosscut Spinnaker – 3/4 oz. Nylon $705
Dynalite Crosscut Spinnaker – 3/4 oz $841

We support the Buccaneer Class Assn and all sails require the Buccaneer sail royalty of an additional $10 per sail.

Contact Bill Fastiggi at VSP for more info!

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