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Our Lightning sails are fast, built to last and made in the USA! 

We’ve been building Lightning sails for over 20 years.  We build all our Lightning sails right here in our Vermont loft, so you can be certain that your sails are being made by Lightning sailors for Lightning sailors!  We use the best materials available and our sails are the best and most consistent sails on the market.  When you buy sails from Vermont Sailing Partners, you can be certain that your sails were made here in the USA, not overseas.

Fast, Fast, Fast – Since becoming VSP, our sails have won the World Championships, Atlantic Coast Championships, Many District Championships and fleet races. 

Lightning Sails:

VSP Race Mainsail – Our race main is fast, easy to tune and trim, and the most durable mainsail available in the class.  The Contender 4.46 fabric we use is stronger and holds its shape for longer.

VSP “Woody” Mainsail – A version of our duro race main that is 
modified for stiffer wooden masts.  The sail shape is a little flatter, and 
the sail includes luff and foot slides for wood mast and boom.

VSP Duro Race Jibs – Our jib has a fast shape that is forgiving
to steer over a wide variety of conditions.  The race jib is built from 
Dimension 240B , and along with our leech durostrip makes this the fastest and most durable jib available.  We also build a specialty Light jib out of a combination of 4.46 and 3.8 oz. for light air venues.

VSP Radial Runner – The biggest, fastest downwind spinnaker in the class.  Built out of minimum weight Bainbridge AirX 600, this sail features glued seam construction, and is ideal for “pole back” conditions.

VSP Radial AP – Also built out of AirX 600, this is a flatter version of our runner and is better for light air “running” when the pole is on the headstay.  This sail is ideal for small lakes where shifty conditions require a versatile sail.

VSP Cross-cut Nylon Spinnaker – A good all-purpose spinnaker built out of 3/4 oz. nylon.

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Vermont Sailing Partners
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